Do you or your children want to learn the subtleties of aristocratic sports such as tennis while maintaining excellent form? There is hardly a better place for all than from the cradle of tennis in Bulgaria – “Sofia Tennis Club 360”, the heir to the first Bulgarian tennis club, established in 1896! With its traditions, excellent courts and facilities, and highly qualified coaches, Sofia Tennis Club 360 offers you and your children everything you need to become a winner on the court. 

Saturday-Sunday Children's Tennis Camp

Do you want to give your child the first steps on the road to his future success in tennis and help it to make many new friends?


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Summer Tennis Camp

The Summer Tennis Camp of Sofia Tennis Club 360 is suitable for children of all ages and no matter the level of their performance.

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Individual lessons for beginners and adults

With us at the Sofia Tennis Club 360 you will find highly experienced, certified coaches to help you achieve all your goals on the court. 

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