The beginning of tennis in Bulgaria was in 1896 right here, in the place of today’s “Sofia Tennis Club 360”, by foreign diplomats and trade representatives. They set up and legalized the first tennis club in the country – STK (Sofia Tennis Club) and build two courts and an equipped pavilion, which is used to relax and hold the meetings of the club’s board. Therefore, it is no accident that the club is considered the “Mecca” of Bulgarian tennis. 


STC in the 1930s became one of the founders of the Bulgarian Tennis Federation, later renamed the Bulgarian Tennis Union. 

B. Yordanov, Strashimir Surudzhiev and others in the early 30's

Over the years, the club has changed its name several times – after “Sofia Tennis Club” it became “Diplomatic” and after September 9 consecutively – “VKSF” and “BSFS” to return after the democratic changes to its first name - Sofia tennis club “. 


Giacobini and Bonnets at the BSFS

During the years the courts of Sofia Tennis Club held some of the most important tennis tournaments in Bulgaria. Here, in the 20s of the 20th century, the men’s singles tournaments were held for the Romero and Dummetto Cup, donated by the then Spanish ambassador. Women’s battles for the Cora Cup, donated by the Italian Plenipotentiary, are also held on the courts of the Sofia Tennis Club. Hungarian Plenipotentiary Minister Rudnay, in turn, donated a cup named after him. Mixed doubles competed for her. 

Camp national assembly team men 50's

On the courts of “Sofia Tennis Club” were the first Bulgarian coaches and our best specialists in this sport. The first Bulgarian coach in the club is Georgi Mladenov,  Yani Tanev, a long-time coach at Sofia Tennis Club, is the author of the first Bulgarian “Tennis Game Guide”. Coaches in the club were many other significant names in the history of Bulgarian tennis, such as Stefan Dodev, Pavel Andreev, Atanas KuruklyBorislav Slavcho Yordanov, Vladimir Romansky, Virginia Piperova, Vladimir Tomov, Nikola Dishkov, Hristo Kutrovski, Nikolay Nikolov and many others.

Vl. Romanesque left in conversation with L. Genov and N. Chuparov

German reads a newspaper

Here have trained or won their biggest victories in the history of Bulgarian tennis Vassil Mlajov (unbeatable with 29 titles), Maria Chakarova (first in women with 28 first places, 9 of them singly), Vera Petrunova – with her record 11 singles titles, Nikolay Chuparov – record holder for the men with 10 titles, Julia Berberian and Lyubomir Genov with 9 single titles, the longest-lasting tennis player – Al. Dimitrov (German) and many other champions. 

Dishkov with school children - Adriana, Vesela Tomova

Vera Petrunova

National team women 60-70's

Men's National Team - Tsvetan Tsolov, Kiril Yashmakov, Lyuben Genov, Bozhidar Pampulov, Matthew Pampulov


Today the club continues its development by modernizing its base according to the highest world standards, developing the club with the help of excellent specialists and building a new generation of tennis talents to continue the glorious history of Sofia Tennis Club and of Bulgarian tennis. 


Photos: archive, engineer Veselin Hubanov, Borislav Kosturkov

Text: Borislav Kosturkov